Scavenger Hunt

You did your best, but you couldn’t quite find everything in our trivia & scavenger hunt. That’s okay!

Here are the latest answers to the questions in the Goat Hill Drinking Manual.

1. When did Goat Hill Tavern tap their first keg? 1968
2. How many miles is it from Goat Hill to John Wayne Airport? 5 miles
3. What is the “Official Beer of Zeb’s Boathouse Armadillo Racing Team”? Lone Star
4. What team is Goat Hill playing on the scoreboard? Mackrel Flats
5. What is the number on the Florida State Seminoles license plate? S362U
6. Why worry? What are the TWO things to worry about? If you are sick, or if you are well.
7. What is the name of the Goat Hill Funeral Parlor? Hinchley & Trumbull
8. Henry & Harry recommend what steakhouse? Barn Steak House
9. What brewery has handcrafted recipes for adventurous tastes? Devil Mountain Brewing Co
10. What year did Goat Hill Tavern turn into a drive-in? Thursday, May 2, 1991
11. Boats left at dock in excess of 24 hours will be charged how much? $10 per day
12. What is the name of the snow sled? Classic Racer
13. What college is represented by the University Bookstore? UC Irvine
14. How many TV’s does Goat Hill have in the bar? 15
15. What beer sign is spelled upside down AND backwards? Budweiser

As of January 24, 2017